New ETA Requirement Continues to Wonder Tourists to Canada

Certain potential visitors to Canada are still encountering troubles with the electronic travel Authorization (ETA), an electronic document this is required for most visa-exempt visitors to Canada.

Over the holiday length, many accounts emerged of travelers dealing with delays, or missed flights, because they were not aware about the ETA requirement. First introduced in August, 2015, the ETA has become mandatory for maximum visa-exempt traveler to Canada coming by way of air as of November 10, 2016.


But, this lengthy roll-out duration seems too had been insufficient to completely inform capacity travelers of the brand new documentation requirement. The ETA is a per-screening process that calls for most visa-exempt travelers getting into Canada via air to complete an online form . The ETA is linked to the holder’s passport, and is valid for five years or until the expiry of the passport, whichever is earlier. Travellers from the United States, or from countries whose citizens require a Transient Resident Visa (TRV) so that you can enter Canada, aren’t required to attain an ETA before travelling to Canada.

You can apply eta online for travelling to Canada through Canada eta application.

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