Canada Entry Rules to Change

Travelers flying to Canada starting Sept. 30 will experience a raft of new documentation necessities depending on their citizenship.

The rules are part of Canada’s Electronic Travel Authority, established in 2011 to facilitate travel between the U.S. and Canada. A result of the eTA was an effort to greater carefully scrutinizes overseas nationals from visa-exempt countries. Up until the eTA, some countries legal residents to journey to Canada with only a passport, and without having to achieve an ETA Form for Canada. As a end result, foreigners from these countries had been not difficulty to any screening till they arrived at an airport in Canada.



These foreigners will now have to gain an eTA in their passport before they are able to board a plane flying to Canada. There is a (C)$7 application fee for the Electronic Travel Authorisation Canada, which is valid for up to 5 years. A visitor’s application can be rejected for some of reasons, including sure previous criminal convictions, some serious clinical conditions, beyond immigration refusals, or different security concerns.

U.S. civilian and travelers with a valid Canada Visa are exempt from the rules. Starting Sept. 30, Canadian citizens will no longer be allowed to board a flight to Canada using their overseas passport in combination with a citizenship card or a provincial driver’s license to confirm Canadian citizenship.


An eTA can be applied for online thru Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s website. Visitor denied an ETA for Canada because they are found to be inadmissible may be able to Apply for ETA Canada temporary Resident allows if you want to enter Canada.

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