Canada Introduces Online Entry Requirement for British Travelers

From March next year Britons travelling to Canada will have to apply online to enter the country. The introduction of the Electronic Travel Authority brings Canada’s entry necessities in line with the ones of the United States, which requires visa-exempt visitors to obtain an electronic system for travel Authorization (ESTA) before flying.
Canadians visiting to the United Kingdom as travelers do not require a Canadian ESTA of any kind.

The application website for eTAs has been stay because the start of August, but the documents will not be required till March 15 2016, the Canadian government stated today.
as it stands, Britons wishing to travel to Canada CA ETA can do so without a visa, but the foreign office says entrants may also want to prove they’ve sufficient funds to help their stay.


Non-Brits and those wishing to stay for a long period should check with the Canadian high commission before travel as they may require a Canada VISA.

The value of an eTA is $7 CAD and the authorities say most permission will be granted within minutes of applying Electronic Travel Authorisation Canada. Candidates will need to input biographic, passport and other personal information through the website. A spokesperson stated: “the new process will allow the Canada EVISA authorities to screen all travelers before they enter the U.S.

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