Why Visitors Need To Undergo Security Screening Before Travelling To Canada

In accordance with the department of immigration, a person whose relative resides in Canada will have to go for a strict screening prior to board the flight to the country. This comes under the rule of eTA i.e. Electronic Travel Authorization Canada where it stated that the system implies to some countries and for those countries, which are exempted from getting visa to travel to Canada.


What Are the Need for eTA System?

By the year 2015, all the travelers coming outside of Canada will have to undergo this necessary screening process. This includes the country like United States of America also. The travelers coming by air will have to take an eTA Canada Apply prior to board the flight to travel to Canada. Questions that are pertaining to health as well as criminal activities will ask to the travelers. A system generated process will be done for the entire things smoothly. If you are visiting to Canada, you must know that Apply for eTA Canada is same as ‘Visit Visa’ that can be taken by filing the form online.

About the Evaluating Criteria

The screening process is same for people all countries around the world, but some questions will be different while screening the US citizens. The travelers are generally asked about diseases whether they have suffered or have been suffering from any. If they take any drug, if so, then if it is occasionally or regularly. They are also asked about their past record for offence if any and so forth.


Screening for USA and Other Countries

Of late, department of citizenship immigration has introduced some new rules for eTA Canadian system. These rules have ensured that the travelers coming to Canada without a visa will be screened. As discussed the entire screening will be based on the general questions, like health, criminal records, illness, drugs and some particular questions that show the brief pictures of the background of the travelers.

The exception of this screening is only people coming from the USA will be barred. Canada eTA Apply online generally done to market the respect to US from the government of Canada in the time they travel.

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