Mountaineering in Canadian Rockies – Best way To Adventure Tours

The Canadian Rockies offer the best scenery in Canada. A Mountaineer can club treks, train and cruises have the dream journey. The rail routes, staring from Seattle and ending in Calgary via Vancouver, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, offers an astounding view to the Mountaineers. Explore 7 ranges of mountains following 4 different routes to have the ultimate experience of life. You need proper guidance from experts to have the experience of mountaineering. When you are at Banff or Lake Louise you can plan for day climbs on the mountains. Climbs occur mostly over the rocks and at times over snow.


Levels to Climbing:

There are three levels to Rocky climbing – for beginners, intermediate and the advanced level.

  1. Beginners Level is a trek route following Mount Edith, Mount Rundle, Mount Temple and ends at Mounts of Whyte and Niblock. Each of the peaks is accessible at different times of the year.
  2. The intermediate and Advanced level of trekking covers Castle Mountain, Mount Aberdeen, Mount Louis

The treks mainly take place from June to September.

Logistics for Mountaineering:

While you plan a Canadian Rocky Mountaineering you need to take care of transportation to reach up to a certain point. Then plan your accommodations which are generally with very basic facilities in Camping grounds.


Gears needed:

When you go mountaineering you must carry the basic gears along with you for safety purpose. The gears required technically are racks and ropes. If you enjoy this Canadian Rocky Mountaineering then apply Canadian eTA Application Form online.

About eTA

Canada eTA is the necessary for all visitors who want to enter to Canada for any purpose that the Canadian Government has enforced on visitors to obtain permit before entry the Canada. So apply eTA Form for Canada online before travel.

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