ETA Requirement to Get View of Canadian Wildlife

Canada has the most exquisite wildlife collections in the world. Tourist all around the world pour in to Canada to View these unique animals. Before visiting Canada it is mandate that they obtain an online Canada E Visa permits. Canada Electronic VISA is applicable for all those nationals who don’t require a Visa to enter Canada.


The Canadian Lynx

One can find Canadian Lynx in Jasper, Banff and other national parks of Canada. These are species from the Cat family. They are relatively smaller carnivores compared to the other of their family like tigers. Merely larger than a common over grown house cat. Had their origin in the Boreal Forests of Canada.


The Canadian Grizzly Bear

Grizzlies are known to live Western side of the Canada- jasper, Vancouver, Banff, Calgary etc. If you wish to see a family with cubs then you should plan a visit during April.


Atlantic Puffin

The Sea Parrot: These are small carnivorous sea birds, almost the size of a tea cup. They are good swimmers and are famous for their penguin-like looks with colored beaks. So apply online Electronic Travel Authorisation Canada for enjoying the Canadian Wildlife.

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