2 Awesome Drives For Your Bucket List In Canada

Canada is a country that comes up with images of hills, long trees, coasts and lofty vast mountains. It is a daunting task to decide topmost routes for best scenic experience. Here is a list of top 2 drives.


  • Sea-to-Sky Highway (British Columbia)

With the official name of Highway 99, this is among the most important drives. This iconic road begins in the village of Horseshoe bay in true sense and ends at Cache Creek, when merges with H.W. 97. Continuous picturesque views of coast mountains, lush green jungles, lofty glaciers, glistening sea and cool breezes can fill the heart.


  • Trans-Canada Highway, Revelstoke to Lake Louise

It’s the world’s longest National Highway with 4860 miles. The mentioned coast-to-coast route is of 2.5 hours(depending on road situations) and joins 4 islands. Passing through prairies, snow-capped peaks, forests, cattle ranches, national parks, glaciers and a few lakes, this route is narrow and winding at some points. You can spot a grizzly bear around Lake Louise, canyon hot springs at Revelstoke etc.

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