Top 3 Hidden Bars in Toronto

In Toronto, something exhilarating about stumbling upon hidden or unexpected. There are so many drinking establishments in Toronto, you can easier to find than others.

Cloak Bar

If you’re looking expertly-mixed cocktail, Cloak Bar is one of the best bar, here you can get very tasty and mild sipping whiskey. So must try cocktail if you visiting in the Canada.


York Station

York Station is one of the tiniest bars in Toronto and most hidden bars. It is great place to go for a classic cocktail. It is open only Monday to Friday. Interior design like a railroad club car and has been open since 1977.



Escobar is more secretive and use a password to get into a bar. The  hidden watering hole can be found on an upper level of King west Latin restaurants and Baro. The most important thing is password changes daily and your best bet for getting the password is knowing a member of the staff.


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