Halloween Parties Celebration In Vancouver

Hope you have already heard of thanksgiving and Halloween parties in Vancouver. The way citizens in Vancouver to celebrate thanksgiving and Halloween party, you will surely fall in love with it. If you are thinking to celebrate the thanksgiving and Halloween party this year in Vancouver then you need to first prepare your Canada VISA eTA. eTA visa or electronic travel authorization visa in the gateway to enter or transit through Canada by air. Whether you have a valid Canadian passport, you do not need to Apply for eTA Canada. At present, many agencies are there that help filling eTA application at an affordable price including the Canada eTA Application charge.

  • Harvest Festival in West End Farmer’s Market: It is a harvest festival celebrated in October. A fruit pie competition is generally arranged in this festival along with events of displaying a variety of squashes, recipes of different seasons and apple tasting and more. You can avail ticket online to take part in the event.


  • Chopstick Festival: If you are fan of Chinese cuisine: then you should not miss the opportunity in participating in the Chopstick festival in Vancouver. Topnotch Chinese restaurants take part in the festival and offer free sample of tasty and unique Chinese dishes to the participants.


There are a lot funnier and interesting events take place in Vancouver in October, such as Tea Festival in Vancouver, ghosts parties, Roadside-Harvest-Social, Halloween Parade in Vancouver, zombie style dance, ghost-like dressing and more on.

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